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Pablo Iglesias, the Spanish Messiah.




         PabloIglesiasmanifests asMessiah tosave the peopleofSpain. It assumes thatthe Catalansare partof the people ofSpain. He stated thatSpainis a countryof countries (sound familiar?). At the beginningof themeeting inBarcelona(home oftheValld'Hebron, 21/12/2014), said he feltthere asinVallecas, Madridneighborhoodwhere he lives.Asnot goingto feelifthe screams ofthe audience,andlive, and braceletswithSpanishflag,andcommunications,andthe songswere allinSpanish.
    Iglesias manifests asMessiah, buta patriotMessiah,a MessiahoftheSpanishnation.
     PabloIglesiasisa trickster, characteristic ofall theMessiah,as is known.
      Therallyin the stadiumcanVall d'Hebron, 21.12.2014, PabloIglesiasmadea tricksterdiscoursetricksteron end,I think.Andparaphernaliaaround himwas willingto cajole.
        IglesiasgreetedsayingBon dia, Catalunya. Andtoclose therallysoundedl'Stake LluísLlach; Also, the Catalan side, Gemma Ubasart, madehis speechin Catalan; but otherwiseit looked as ifthe rallywas done inVallecas.

       Iglesiassays he isnot against"the right to decide" of the Catalans,but hisnational project(the homeland, which he says)seeksthe integration ofCatalonia.

      Iglesiassaid he respectedthe right to decideforthe Catalans,but this implies thatyou must firststart aconstituent process.Idid: I want that Cataloniabecomes independent? No,but I know theSpanishbreed hasinsulted theCatalans.Iglesiasmakesas if theissue to be resolvedwas notto offend theCatalans,be respectful of theCatalan language andculture.Go! It's all aboutgood manners.
     Asexpected,Iglesiasexplained hisidea of'the right to decide' 'saying right to decide: clear. But this impliesthe right to decideeverything.For example, the law does notallowchasing peoplewho can not afforda mortgage.Pursuingevaders. Andso you have toopen aconstituent processto opendoors andwindows, whichopenthe locks. Spainis a country ofcountries.Some want tomakepoliticalbuilding walls, we prefer tobuild bridges. He added:You knowwhat thesovereignty?It means thatthe people's representativesdo not representinvestment funds, which represent the people.

      Iglesiassays yes to'' right to choose'' (A yes formal), but in no eventrecognizes the rightof Cataloniato self-determination. As is clearfrom the text, the right to decideCatalanson independenceis linked to theright to decide onall thingsand that this requiresa constitutional process, iea new constitution.TheSpanishMessiahproclaims theright of the people(Spanish) to a new SpanishConstitution.
      Makingthe translationof the proclamationfollows: The Catalanshave the right todecideonce you havegot theright to decide theSpanishpeople,the wholeSpanishpeople(together, theCatalanspart, according to him).
     TheSpanishMessiahstatedaboveleftist parties; states thatcanis the people,the people, thesocialmajority.Sohe said: The powerdoes not fearthe left, the government fears the people,afraidof people.Thisgamedivides thepolitical chessboardonly servestowinbanking,towinthem,but there is asocialmajorityaremany more thanthe above,and havethesefearful.So, as the Messiah,canrepresent theSpanishsocialmajority.

      El SalvadorMessiahleftout of the templeCIU(contaminated by a corruptPujolhadan accountinAndorra).
     PabloIglesiascarefully avoidsany reference tothe demand forCatalanindependenceof the widemasses.And, in turn,acts as ifunaware thatArturMas (President of the Generalitat) was thepromoterconsultation9N. Pretends toignorethe2,350,000Catalans whowent to vote, despite the difficultiesand threatsof theSpanishgovernment.
      Some want tomakepoliticalbuilding walls, we prefer tobuild bridges, Iglesiassaid. TheCatalan independencewassummarizedina simple '' some want tobuild walls''. In contrast to thenarrownessof thesefew, the Messiah displays youropen andbrightmood.

   MasIglesiascompareswithAguirre, the formerpresident of the CommunityofMadrid,and says histime is up.


       WhileCUPsent alettertoleadercanfriendlygreeting,the Messiahnaileda low blowtoDavidFernándezsaying hewould neverhug withMas,what he didFernández9N.


''I wantthat Cataloniabecomes independent? No,but I know theSpanishbreed hasinsulted theCatalans'',theleadercansay, as if theCatalanswereupsetbecause of thebad mannersoftheSpanishbreed.

        .. "Let's talk about CataloniaCataloniaTalkistalkthatLaCaixahas distributed3.4 milliontopoliticiansistalking aboutcutshealthrecord'', said the leader, asthis isnot the casethat the Spanishgovernmentdespoilthe Catalans, but those in chargeofplunderwould betheCaixaand the government oftheGeneralitat, goie, the leader of Vallecasnot seethe cuts imposedby the centralgovernment, Iglesias, like the rest! SpanishleadersdenouncesavesbiasedSpanishdepositorsystem, a system that stiflesthe economyof the Principality ofCatalonia,ValenciaandtheBalearic.

     (Note: The Power Spanish, at all times,with suicidalspiritishindering economicdevelopment of Catalonia, ie, pillagedandintentionallydisrupts.).

     According to theMessiah,the evilsof Cataloniacome fromthe governments ofCiU.TheCIU(likeJordiPujol) have the country's money,are falsepatriotswho cheat theCatalan people.It seems that thisPied Piper, to the tune ofcan, do the mathbehind itto attractthe Catalansnowdeceived by falsepatriots.

      Theleadercanended the speechby comparingthe governmentof the community ofMadridwiththeGovernment of Catalonia.Sohe said: (The Catalan) Reminds me oftheMadridde EsperanzaAguirre. From herea message tothem.Repeat after me: 'Yourtime is up'.

       We mustassume thatIglesiasisa bitdeaf andalmost blindMessiah.Iglesias do not realizethatthe localsareallavailablefreeto goto differentparts of the statehighways,andthe Catalans, however, they have aretoll roads.Neitherrealizes, the leader, the Catalansoverthirty whoarewaiting forthe constructionof the railway linethe Mediterranean Corridorto exitfrom drowningby a lack ofmodern transportationago.

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